Niman Ranch Beef Supports Small, Family-Owned Farms

Niman Ranch Beef is a meat supplier of many chain restaurants around the country, based in San Francisco, California. Niman Ranch gets its meat exclusively from small, family-owned farms and ranches. Niman Ranch prefers these small operations because large-scale meat processing plants would not be able to be both cost-efficient and environmentally responsible. The company is devoted to environmental and economic sustainability, as it shows with its partnerships with only farms and ranches that pass rigorous inspections and live up to its high standards.

Niman Ranch Beef deals with family-owned businesses according to their clear definition of “family farming”. To them, a family-owned farm is owned and operated by a single family that relies on the farm for their primary sources of income. They only buy from family-owned farms because they feel that family-owned farms have a greater stake in their land and the food they produce. All farms and ranches that become incorporated with Niman Ranch Beef truly want to supply Niman Ranch. The company puts all farms wanting to join through a rigorous series of inspections and signed affidavits designed to ensure that all products Niman Ranch uses have been responsibly raised and are safe and healthy for their customers.

Niman Ranch Beef believes in environmental stewardship that is new to the meat industry. Many environmentally conscious chain restaurants and food manufacturers have given their loyalty to Niman Ranch because of their mission to remake the meat production market into a sustainable economic and environmental cycle that can last forever.


Niman Ranch Beef – Family Farming

Niman Ranch Beef has always been a supporter of family farming. We support a network of over 700 family farms all over the United States. Many of these farms and ranches are owned by families who have been a part of the Niman Ranch network for multiple generations. Niman Ranch only does business with family-owned and operated ranches because we see family ranchers as the gatekeepers of the ranching tradition. These ranches believe in sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture along with their proud traditions of excellent products. Without these family-run ranches, the old ways of small ranching and farming would be lost forever.

Niman Ranch Beef only considers ranches and farms to be family-run if they are owned and operated by the same family. These families rely on their crops and their livestock for their livelihood. They are motivated to produce the best products for Niman Ranch Beef and our network. They have a deep, firm relationship with their land, their livestock, and how they raise them. We have found over the years that family operations take more pride in the quality of their meat and produce, and how they run their ranch or farm.

Even as the farming industry as a whole turns to large, mechanical operations focused on mass production of resources from living things, Niman Ranch Beef continues to focus on local, sustainable, family agriculture, because we believe that is the key to great products, healthy customers, and happy ranchers. We put our faith in American family farmers and ranchers who care more about their land, their operation, and their products than massive farms and ranches that care about short term profits and nothing else.

Niman Ranch Beef – Sustainable, Humane Ranching

Niman Ranch Beef has been committed to sustainable, humane ranching since its inception. Niman Ranch works exclusively with family farmers and ranchers based in the United States. Niman Ranch maintains a vast network of over 700 ranchers and farmers throughout the country.

All of our ranches allow their animals to roam outdoors or in comfortable, spacious pens. These excellent living conditions prevent disease and keep their consumers happy and healthy. Our animal welfare practices are some of the strictest in the country. They were developed in part by the well-respected animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin.

Although the definition of true sustainability changes over time, Niman Ranch Beef holds all of our farms and ranches to the same set of sustainability practices that are designed to help prevent damage to the environment and promote future profitability for our ranches and farms in the future. One practice is pasture coverage for livestock, preventing soil erosion and maintaining the pasture land for future herds and ranches.

All farms affiliated with Niman Ranch use buffer strips and grassed waterways to help absorb damage to the pasture land and the natural environment around it. Our practices are designed to balance resource demand with economic, environmental and human cost. There is a balance between economic viability and ecological concerns, and Niman Ranch strives to protect that balance for all of its ranchers, farmers, and the crops and livestock they raise. Niman Ranch Beef sources all of its cattle from sustainable ranches that treat their cattle fairly and humanely.