Niman Ranch Beef – Family Farming

Niman Ranch Beef has always been a supporter of family farming. We support a network of over 700 family farms all over the United States. Many of these farms and ranches are owned by families who have been a part of the Niman Ranch network for multiple generations. Niman Ranch only does business with family-owned and operated ranches because we see family ranchers as the gatekeepers of the ranching tradition. These ranches believe in sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture along with their proud traditions of excellent products. Without these family-run ranches, the old ways of small ranching and farming would be lost forever.

Niman Ranch Beef only considers ranches and farms to be family-run if they are owned and operated by the same family. These families rely on their crops and their livestock for their livelihood. They are motivated to produce the best products for Niman Ranch Beef and our network. They have a deep, firm relationship with their land, their livestock, and how they raise them. We have found over the years that family operations take more pride in the quality of their meat and produce, and how they run their ranch or farm.

Even as the farming industry as a whole turns to large, mechanical operations focused on mass production of resources from living things, Niman Ranch Beef continues to focus on local, sustainable, family agriculture, because we believe that is the key to great products, healthy customers, and happy ranchers. We put our faith in American family farmers and ranchers who care more about their land, their operation, and their products than massive farms and ranches that care about short term profits and nothing else.


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